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vision #1

Will we satisfy early adopters?

We ran some market research on the topic before to step into this universe,  and we really like the free service access proposition of, a company which delivers instant access to visual information at the touch of a button. However, this model may not be applied in all countries and circumstances. 

To reach the entire visually impaired population, including those without social security coverage and who can only rely on themselves, we plan to link AR with AI technology.

Studies, which combine AR with AI for aiding low-vision individuals in navigating new and unfamiliar locations through computer vision algorithms, show promising  perspectives. The CARA system developped by three Caltech scientists is an example. Although further testing is still needed to explore how well the system deals with crowded public spaces (such as shopping mall, stores, and amusement parks), our aim is to anticipate the enthusiasm for such a supporting technology and develop a digital ecosystem allowing the low-vision community to quickly and affordably adopt such system.

nimiix vision phase #1 is focusing on the current minimum viable product state of the technology, which currently can only fit a low-vision population. We consider this current state offers enough features to satisfy early adopters and provide feedback for future product development.


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